Tally Counter DeskTop 3 bank 4 digit Laboratory Aluminium

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tally4D wholesale Tally counters Australia 4 bank 4 digit Aluminium - This is a bank of 4 counters bolted together, ideal for traffic research or the like - counting till the cows come home - chrome clickas counter counters count counters counting

TALLY3Db MEASURES: base 133mm x 69mm and 40mm high

High quality and durable 4 digit tally counters in a Aluminium case and mounted in sets of 2, 3, 4 and 6. Economical mounted counters, with knob reset.

Ideal for counting people IN and OUT, or for keeping track of a variety of different products.

The mounting flange has a place to put a label for each tally counter. Banked tally counter counters ideal for heavy use on traffic surveys or any market research activity for more counters look in the counter

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320.00 KGS